With the Apple Watch having launched this month, how can retailers utilise data from wearable technology?

With the recent influx of wearable technology comes the opportunity for businesses to capitalise on the human data captured by this new breed of personal devices. But amidst the rise of wearables as useful accessories, Sam Carter, Senior Consultant at ZiZo asks, is it possible to harness the information collected by wearable technology in order to enrich business data and increase business... read more

Game, Set & Match

Dashboards – we all love them.  They are beautiful to look at and you feel great when you can show your organisation’s performance on an iPad. But what happens when you get asked simple questions: – what product ranges are doing well?  Or even which products? – why have service levels dropped recently? You need to drill into the underlying data. Most dashboard companies... read more

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment – the nail in the coffin for legacy analytics   The Big Data phenomenon has simply reinforced the importance of transforming business through data, with organisations looking to enrich internal data sets with the addition of new, increasingly open, data sources. From weather to crime, smart meters and traffic, the diversity of open data sources is incredibly exciting.... read more