About us

Data-Re is the exclusive distributor in Southern Africa of the ZiZo® analytical platform, developed & owned by ZiZo UK Limited. This allows Data-Re to deliver a competitive edge to our customers that few other software services company in South Africa can match, either in terms of development speed or the low costs of deployment & system support. 

The heart of ZiZo® consists of the only ‘pattern database’ in the world. The pattern architecture automatically reduces the data footprint by an average of 35:1 (i.e. by more than 95%), whilst offering granular level access to data on a massive scale.

In 2015, Data-Re launched VIDS, a unique cloud-based big-data system for financial institutions and insurers in South Africa, built on the ZiZo® platform. VIDS (Vehicle Intelligence Data System) uses current and historical vehicle movement data to deliver a data-driven analytical system which allows for the efficient investigation and recovery of stolen and absconded vehicles. VIDS also identifies vehicles with cloned license plates and was featured on Carte Blanche in August 2015 in the Number Plate Cloning Chaos segment.

Data-Re is currently rolling out a low-cost, cloud based “big-data” analytical product specifically for the SMME world. Management and movement of large quantities of data, plus detailed analytics, can be critical to SME business success but often unaffordable due to technical and financial barriers. Data-Re’s mission in 2017 is to permanently remove these barriers to entry.

The ZiZo® Data Platform was designed and developed to meet the challenges faced in this era of the data explosion. ZiZo® places business data in the hands of those who use it most – business people – and enables anyone to ask any question, at any time, allowing for better, more informed business decisions. ZiZo® is proven in the Enterprise space, with many successful projects across a broad spectrum of industries. A unique combination of technologies delivered at a price point that enables any business to actively drive business intelligence and gain ROI on their projects. We believe that ZiZo is truly what happens next in the world of data.