Data-Re makes headlines with our computerised roadworthy system

Vehicle Licensing Fraud Up – Monday October 19 2015 – AMIL UMRAW Pietermaritzburg – Fraud in the vehicle licensing industry has flourished again after the KZN Department of Transport restructured its Vehicle Technical Compliance unit. Industry experts say a “gaping hole” is being exploited by fraudsters after the Vehicle Technical Compliance unit was refocused. Set up in 2004 to... read more

Roadworthy Solution

Computerised Roadworthy Testing & Verification System (CRWTV) The vehicle testing industry has over the year’s experienced significant bad press over the fraudulent issuing of Certificates of Roadworthiness, as well as the concomitant fatalities experienced when these “death traps” have finally fallen apart. This is especially prevalent in the Heavy Goods vehicles and the Taxi industries. As... read more

Vehicle Intelligence Data System

Plate Cloning Chaos This story was featured on Carte Blanche on 2 August 2015 and is available in full on their web site at Over 350 different types of licence plates are legal in South Africa and it’s estimated that one in five plates on Gauteng roads is cloned. Just how easy is it to buy and use illegal number plates? As our undercover cameras expose... read more

Speed versus Accuracy

Many Business Intelligence or Analytics practitioners will recognise the challenge: Business departments need access to new data quickly to innovate and make timely decisions, while IT departments need to ensure that all data is accurate before a business person uses it to make a decision. Both groups are driven by their own imperatives and both are trying to do the right thing. Business... read more

With the Apple Watch having launched this month, how can retailers utilise data from wearable technology?

With the recent influx of wearable technology comes the opportunity for businesses to capitalise on the human data captured by this new breed of personal devices. But amidst the rise of wearables as useful accessories, Sam Carter, Senior Consultant at ZiZo asks, is it possible to harness the information collected by wearable technology in order to enrich business data and increase business... read more

Game, Set & Match

Dashboards – we all love them.  They are beautiful to look at and you feel great when you can show your organisation’s performance on an iPad. But what happens when you get asked simple questions: – what product ranges are doing well?  Or even which products? – why have service levels dropped recently? You need to drill into the underlying data. Most dashboard companies... read more