Game, Set & Match

Dashboards – we all love them.  They are beautiful to look at and you feel great when you can show your organisation’s performance on an iPad.

But what happens when you get asked simple questions:

– what product ranges are doing well?  Or even which products?

– why have service levels dropped recently?

You need to drill into the underlying data.

Most dashboard companies (and there are many of them) will give you a summarised view of the organisation – not much good when your CEO asks those probing questions…

Sounds easy really – ‘drill into the underlying data’ – but with organisations creating x times more data than they ever used to you need a high-powered database to give you that level of detail in a timely manner.

This is where ZiZo comes in.  We will provide you with all the data so no matter what question you get asked – you will be able to provide the answer.  Now that is power.

We all love data to a lower level.  Take sport for example – in June the Wimbledon Championships will take place and IBM will bombard you with facts about the players, games played, history between players, etc.  It is never ending – but we love it.

Generally we as human beings are inquisitive.  We don’t want to know that Murray won 6-0 6-0 6-0 – but how did he win?  Was it a large number of unforced errors by his opponent?  Was it won on the first serve?

With our customers we have found that providing the lowest level of data to back up the high-level facts is invaluable.  Partner this with a consistent view of activity across the organisation, everyone from top to bottom can see exactly what is going on at any given time.

Life is now all about the data, the whole data and nothing but the data.

If you would like to learn more about getting answers from data quickly or if you require more detailed insight, please do give Vanessa Burger a call +27 (82) 464-7765 or via email at