Roadworthy Solution

Computerised Roadworthy Testing & Verification System (CRWTV)

The vehicle testing industry has over the year’s experienced significant bad press over the fraudulent issuing of Certificates of Roadworthiness, as well as the concomitant fatalities experienced when these “death traps” have finally fallen apart. This is especially prevalent in the Heavy Goods vehicles and the Taxi industries.

As a result of many discussions with various role players in the Vehicle Testing industry, Data-Re (SA) decided that we would create and build a South African solution to a South African problem. This solution, devised in conjunction with role players within the industry, as well as from law enforcement who have spent many years investigating these crimes, is well positioned to solve a multitude of the existing loopholes in the current vehicle testing environment.

The system is  a fully computerized vehicle identification, testing and verification system, designed specifically for vehicle testing stations, that forces the presence of a vehicle at the VTS. It has been designed in such a manner so as not to interfere with the existing legislative requirements for Test Stations , but to complement these requirements and systems by improving the management and auditability of the testing process. CRWTV replicates the current paper based testing process but is completely electronic. Vehicle and driver information is collected from scanning the barcoded documents, is geo-tagged to its location, and goes through an additional electronic verification check. All information including the test results are stored in a central database, ensuring the data is fully auditable, and can be further analysed, reported on, and statutory reports automatically generated.


Benefits of the CRWTV Application

  • It forces the attendance of the vehicle at the Test Station
  • All test records are accessible electronically via web services
  • Separation of responsibilities of the back-office and vehicle examiner
  • Vehicle ID photos and VIN are taken and their physical location is geo-tagged
  • The vehicle identifiers are automatically verified by external services and through physical inspection by the vehicle examiner
  • Any differences are logged as exceptions
  • The presenter is properly identified via their driver’s license
  • Test start time and the vehicle examiner details are logged upon selection
  • Examiner Conducts the vehicle test with the CRWTV application
  • The electronic record of the test is kept on site and externally
  • Completed tests cannot be edited later

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