Speed versus Accuracy

Many Business Intelligence or Analytics practitioners will recognise the challenge:

Business departments need access to new data quickly to innovate and make timely decisions, while IT departments need to ensure that all data is accurate before a business person uses it to make a decision.

Both groups are driven by their own imperatives and both are trying to do the right thing. Business innovation often does require access to new data very quickly but ensuring that data is accurate and reliable takes time.

The result is often the adoption of home-grown “spread-mart” solutions because the analysts can’t wait for IT to get the data into the central Data Warehouse. These solutions might meet the initial requirement to get access to new data quickly but they often become departmental data silos, they are rarely scalable, and IT won’t support them.

But of course, as your Grandmother might have told you, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Or can you? ZiZo® offers a single solution that meets all of these challenges.

It is very quick and easy to throw new data into ZiZo and get access to that data via world-class data discovery tools like Tableau. Regardless of business size, data can be loaded, enriched and prepared for analysis in ZiZo within minutes or hours. So the business teams can get their hands on the data quickly. Also, exactly the same environment can be used to build a robust and accurate Analytics platform with as many complex controls and constraints as you choose to implement. And whereas IT will never support the local spread-mart solution, ZiZo can be provided as a fully supported service.

We have been working with open data to enrich retailers’ analytics applications. Using ZiZo, the data has been combined with their own data in a matter of hours enabling improved insight into the performance of their store network. Having demonstrated the benefit of this data enrichment, retailers can make an early and informed decision to include the additional data in their ZiZo analytics application.

So with ZiZo you really can have your Analytics cake and eat it too.

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