The ZiZo Data Lake

A simple solution to a complex problem..

ZiZo Data Lake - Data Hub


ZiZo Data Lake - Collect


Decide what data you want, from
wherever you want it

We use our data discovery tools to learn
about your data

We then create fully automated processes
for fast and frequent updates

ZiZo Data Lake - Combine


We bring all of your data together in
a single data hub

Add new data sources as they become available

Keep adding data – ZiZo® can scale to hundreds of
billions of rows of data and beyond

ZiZo Data Lake - Create


We can create anything from a simple tool to a completely bespoke BI solution

We work together to make your chosen solution live as quickly as possible

The service comes with a cost of change built in — enabling you to get the best out of your service, even when your business changes