Vehicle Intelligence Data System

Plate Cloning Chaos

This story was featured on Carte Blanche on 2 August 2015 and is available in full on their web site at

Over 350 different types of licence plates are legal in South Africa and it’s estimated that one in five plates on Gauteng roads is cloned. Just how easy is it to buy and use illegal number plates? As our undercover cameras expose the clone cons, Carte Blanche also gets exclusive access to a new JMPD methodology that stops drivers with cloned or illegal number plates in their tracks.

The example below, shown on Carte Blanche shows two nearly identical vehicles, that both have the same license plates, that were spotted by cameras in different parts of the country. This data is fed into the VIDS – Vehicle Intelligence Data System from Data-Re, and a calculation is done to determine whether it is possible for the vehicle to have been in both the locations at the times they were spotted.


Vehicle Intelligence 1
Vehicle Intelligence 2

In this instance the VIDS system determined that the vehicle would have had to travel 306km in 41 minutes, and would therefore have been doing an average speed of 743 km/hour. Using parameters that have been built into the VIDS system, it was determined that the speed was impossible and one of the vehicles, most likely had a cloned license plate.


How do we do this?

How is it possible to do this? The volumes of data collected every day are huge? How can we possibly analyse the volumes of data collected on a daily basis, to identify these cloned license plates.

Using our incredibly powerful and efficient ZiZo technology, the volume of data collected every day becomes much easier to analyse. ZiZo is built on a pattern-based architecture, and identifies any patterns it finds within the data, and stores these patterns ony once. The example shown below illustrates how much data is duplicated across, date and time, GPS and location data, and even the license plates. ZiZo very uniquely, de-duplicates this data and only stores unique patterns.

Vehicle Intelligence 3

Therafter the data is loaded into memory, which allows for exceptionally fast analysis. This is possible on conventional hardware due to the reduction in the physical volume of data that needs to be analysed. The results are then posted back to the VIDS platform and fed through to the various SAPS systems.

ZiZo can be applied to many other situations. It is very well suited to dealing with huge volumes of data, from multiple and disparate data sources.

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