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Transforming data into  Actionable Intelligence

About Us

Data-Re (SA) is a “Big Data” company, specialising in building analytical platforms capable of analysing massive volumes of data to deliver actionable intelligence to our customers.

Data-Re is the exclusive distributor in Africa of the ZiZo® analytical platform, developed & owned by ZiZo UK Limited. This allows Data-Re to deliver a competitive edge to our customers that few other software service companies can match, either in terms of development speed, system extensibility and stability or the low costs of deployment & system support. 

​The heart of ZiZo® consists of the only ‘pattern database’ in the world. The pattern architecture automatically reduces the data footprint by an average of 35:1 (i.e. by more than 95%), whilst offering granular level access to data on a massive scale.

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Decide what data you want, from wherever you want it.

We use our data discovery tools to learn about your data.

We then create fully automated processes for fast and frequent updates.

We bring all of your data together in
a single data hub.

Add new data sources as they become available.

Keep adding data – ZiZo® can scale to hundreds of billions of rows of data and beyond.

Create anything from a simple tool to a completely bespoke BI solution.

Work together to make your chosen solution live as quickly as possible.

Service comes with a cost of change built in — enabling you to get the best out of your service, even when your business changes.


Our Showcase Solution

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In 2015, Data-Re launched VIDS for used by organisations with a legitimate interest in vehicle fraud and crime in South Africa.

VIDS is focused on providing intelligence at a national level and is a unique analytical platform which collects, stores & analyses huge quantities of vehicle movement data and associated IOT data.

VIDS is fast and flexible and can also be customized to fit existing control-center systems, including adding client-specific data.

Plate Cloning Chaos

This story was featured on Carte Blanche on 2 August 2015.

Over 350 different types of licence plates are legal in South Africa and it’s estimated that one in five plates on Gauteng roads is cloned. Just how easy is it to buy and use illegal number plates? As our undercover cameras expose the clone cons, Carte Blanche also gets exclusive access to a new JMPD methodology that stops drivers with cloned or illegal number plates in their tracks.

The example below, shown on Carte Blanche shows two nearly identical vehicles, that both have the same license plates, that were spotted by cameras in different parts of the country. This data is fed into the VIDS – Vehicle Intelligence Data System from Data-Re, and a calculation is done to determine whether it is possible for the vehicle to have been in both the locations at the times they were spotted.


In this instance the VIDS system determined that the vehicle would have had to travel 306km in 41 minutes, and would therefore have been doing an average speed of 743 km/hour. Using parameters that have been built into the VIDS system, it was determined that the speed was impossible and one of the vehicles, most likely had a cloned license plate.

The Service

At Data-Re we believe that data has the power to change everything. We also believe that any business should have the ability to access and use data to change the way they do business. It’s why we do what we do.

We have created a simple service, ZiZo, which allows you to quickly and easily get value from your data – without the costly investment associated with traditional solutions. We use our own patented technology to deliver the service. Tell us what you want and we will deliver. Fast.

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Adding data improves efficiency resulting in bigger storage savings

Scales to billions of rows

New applications can be created across data received from multiple source systems

Data can be moved from the “data lake” to a transactional system

Analysts can work with data in its most granular form

Data origin and accuracy can always be verified


Data-Re (SA) (Pty) Ltd,

PO Box 95,



Kwa-Zulu Natal

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